New JPEGmini Puts Your Photos On A Diet

By NoCamels Team May 15, 2012 Comments

ICVT, the creators of the JPEGmini and VIDEOmini media optimization technologies, today announced the release of JPEGmini for Mac, a Mac app which frees up hard drive space by reducing photo file size without affecting quality.

With JPEGmini for Mac, users can optimize full photo albums simply by dragging them onto the app. The optimized photos retain the full quality and resolution of the original photos, but are much smaller in file size, so they can be shared much faster with friends and family via email or on social networks. Users can also choose to optimize their whole iPhoto library, or a complete internal or external drive, to free up hard drive space.

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How it works

JPEGmini technology has two main components: The first is an image quality detector, which imitates the perceptual qualities of the human visual system, to determine the maximum amount of compression which can be applied to each individual photo without causing visible artifacts.

The second is a unique JPEG encoder, which adapts the JPEG encoding process to the original photos, creating the most compact representation of the photos that is possible under the JPEG standard. Combining these two components enables JPEGmini to achieve an extremely high recompression ratio of up to 5x, or 80 percent reduction on digital photos, depending on their resolution.

JPEGmini app - Technology News - Israel

JPEGmini's Mac app

“After 3 years of extensive research, and 19 patent applications, we are proud to bring our JPEGmini technology to the mass market with the introduction of JPEGmini for Mac,” said Sharon Carmel, ICVT’s Founder and CEO who founded Emblaze in 1994. “We look forward to empower users around the world with faster photo sharing, and more efficient use of local and online storage.”

JPEGmini for Mac supports personal photos with a resolution of 2 to 17 Megapixels.

Founded in 2009 and backed by private investors, ICVT is developing another optimization technology named VIDEOmini, designed for H.264 video streams.

Photo by rolands.lakis

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