New Kit Instantly Monitors Air Pollution At Crisis Scenes

By The Jerusalem Post April 07, 2012 Comments

In the aftermath of a fire or other disaster, one consideration that often ends up on the backburner in the resultant chaos that befalls a city is air quality.

To account for this neglected need, AirBase Systems, an Israel- and Berlin-based environmental technology startup, launched its new CanarIT S.O.S system, low-cost emergency air monitoring kits designed primarily for city use. The $20,000 kits, which are made up of 20 battery-operated CanarIT units, monitor levels of several noxious elements and can immediately transmit data to an Internet collection base, according to the company.

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The kits are particularly useful during large-scale accidents such as fires or factory explosions, in which plants suddenly emit high volumes of dangerous pollutants into the air.

“Dense cities are delicate places,” said Irad Kuhnreich, founder and CEO of AirBase Systems.

“Any pollution event can develop very easily into a serious health risk to the people. The capability of the emergency forces to manage the situation properly is based on real-time data from the city’s streets – and this is exactly what we have to offer at a price that is even lower than a regular, old-fashioned monitoring station.”

Managing these crises, particularly in dense urban areas, must be based on real time accurate data to save people’s lives, Kuhnreich added.

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