Gigantt: New Interactive Project Management App

By Merav Turel, NoCamels February 01, 2012 Comments

Project managing is something we all do one way or another, either in our personal life or in our business. Each assignment we have to perform can be divided into several sub tasks and broken down into simple and easy steps to carry out.

Mike Morhaime, CEO of global video game company Blizzard, recently said at a conference in Israel that it was the ability to break apart general and complex assignments into smaller and do-able tasks that enabled him to achieve what seemed to him otherwise daunting.

A new tool to help you manage your projects, divide them into sub tasks, and track their progress, comes from a young start-up company called ‘Gigantt‘. The company developed a task managing application that is now available as a beta service and includes a number of features that makes task managing modular and easy to control. This application is collaborative; it allows different people to edit and add details to the work graph at the same time.

Assaf Lavie, founder and CEO of the company, is a methodology and software person. During the course of different jobs he had to carry out in the past, he found himself needing to manage many projects and looking for a tool to help him do so. He looked for something that he can do on the go, can handle a number of details on high resolution and be cooperative.

While there are many applications out there that offer this kind of service, none of them answers these three criteria, according to Lavie. The graphical interface Lavie uses is a zoom-based interface (ZUI) which is the same interface used by Google Maps.

Through collaborative planning, managers can work on the high level stages while employees working on the lower stages can add details and information simultaneously. At any point you can zoom in to see specific details of a sub assignment or zoom out to see the bigger picture.

Recently the company finished her preliminary funding round wth $500,000 investment led by Zohar Gilon. Gigantt is planning to use the funding for development of the final project and marketing around worldwide.

Photo by christmaswithak

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