XTR3D Launches Motion Recognition Technology

By Michael J. Mintz January 09, 2012 Comments

Increasingly, companies are placing their bets on motion recognition for the future of the gaming world. You can find it with market leaders such as Xbox’s Kinect or Playstation’s Move, but small companies are not lagging behind. A Tel Aviv based firm called XTR3D will launch a new touch-less, motion recognition technology to be used on multiple devices early this year.

The company claims its software can exist with built-in software and can be installed on any consumer electronic device. According to the Dor Givon, XTR3D’s founder and Chief Technical Officer, what separates their technology from similar products like Kinect is the ability to be formatted for work with any device that has a standard-issue camera attached.

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The company is expected to release its first motion control Smartphone by early next year.

“Our target is to penetrate the market, so it will be something for everyone to try out,” says Givon. “New devices will have the interface embedded in them and the older devices can download it from the app store.”

Essentially, XTR3D’s software formats a standard 2D camera to operate as a 3D camera that can track motion in different types of light, in natural locations and from a range of distance from “a few centimeters away,” up to five meters.

XTR3D’s software will be compatible with different operating systems including Windows, Apple, and Android. XTR3D says that the technology uses very little power so that consumers don’t need to worry about their phone battery draining. Furthermore, the company claims that its motion-capture engine is accurate as close as millimeters.

XTR3D got an $8 million investment late last year from Texas Instruments. The company plans on making its technology affordable enough to reach most of the consumer electronics world, it says.

Photo courtesy of XTR3D

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