Sci-Fi Glasses Can Display Email Or GPS Over field Of Vision

By Gavin Allen, daily mail January 18, 2012 Comments

As advances in computer technology make gadgets ever smaller and more portable the idea of carrying a screen of any kind could soon be outdated. Consumer products with screens have dropped in size from computer to laptop to tablet via phone.

Lumus, an Israeli company, specializes in what it calls Light-guide Optical Element (LOE) technology. Its latest product is the PD-18-2, which may look to the untrained eye like a cumbersome pair of sunglasses. But inside the lenses of the glasses, the user can see high-quality full color images.

lumus - technology news - israelProducts like this are already on the market for professional and military use, but where the next-generation PD-18-2 differs is that users can see though the spectacles too, instead of having the images block their vision. The translucent lenses allow for what the manufacturer calls ‘augmented vision,’ overlaying images or graphics over your usual field of vision.

They are designed for professionals such as pilots, surgeons and soldiers but there are hopes that it can be adapted for the consumer market so people could watch film or TV on the move, or play video games as they walk around.

It works by collecting image components from a micro display and projects them into the eye to create a large virtual image with SVGA resolution

‘Following the successful deployment of our first generation PD-18-1 in combat aviation, ground soldier and assembly applications, we are pleased to release our next generation PD-18-2 that takes our competitive superiority to a whole new level,’ said Dr. Eli Glikman.

‘Our new display offers even higher brightness, increased contrast ratio, sharper image, improved image uniformity and enhanced optical efficiency.’

The company currently sells its products to aviation companies as well as military, medical and maintenance markets.

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Via DailyMail
Photo courtesy Lumus

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