New Social Network To Connect Talent With Agents And Fans

By Jack Luntz, NoCamels January 26, 2012 Comments

Israeli company Stagee recently launched a social network by the same name that is built around talent – where musicians, actors and other artists can socialize with agents and producers and increase their fan base.

Any artist can create a profile and share his or her work through photos, videos and blogs. Stagee allows its users to choose between three options: “Just Looking,” “Talent,” or “Agent.” Each selection leads the user to experience the site in a different way.

For those who are “Just Looking,” the site encourages them to find their new favorite unknown musicians, actors or dancers. Those who select “Agent,” such as scouts, producers or casting agents, will be able to contact any of the artists for professional opportunities.  

While there are other similar websites out there, CEO and co-founder Lior Maimon thinks that taking the model of a social network and designing it exclusively for the needs of entertainers and the people who want to hire them is an innovative idea. “We give the tools that fit the needs of the talent or the agent. It works just like in the real world,” he tells NoCamels.  Stagee works in conjunction with Twitter and Facebook to create buzz for the talent.

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Stagee’s agent feature will be launched within the next three months and will allow agents to search for talent based on their hair or eye color, measurements, or other characteristics.

Maimon says his team created an algorithm to measure the artists’ ratings. Each profile needs to be maintained and updated in order for the rating to rise or stay the same. This resembles the real world, in which stars needs to maintain their public profile in order to relevant, Maimon explains.

Stagee - Technology News - Israel

The Stagee team

People visiting the site can vote for an artist they like and either stay anonymous or add themselves as a friend or fan. A user can also post in the artist’s fan club.

Stagee’s main features will be free for all users, Maimon says. “We will include added-value features with a selection of price levels.”

Last month Stagee raised $330,000 from private investors.

Now, Maimon and the Stagee team hope to transform the entertainment industry by allowing talents and agents to socialize on the web. “You can promote yourself from behind your keyboard, day and night,” Maimon says. 

Photo courtesy of Oren Shalev

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