First LEED Platinum Eco-Building To Be Built In Israel

By tafline laylin January 03, 2012 Comments

After years of information gathering and preparation, Geotectura, together with Axelrod-Grobman Architects and Chen Architects the firm is finally breaking ground on what they hope will be Israel’s very first LEED Platinum certified building.

Green Prophet reports:

"commitment to reducing its environmental impact"

Although there are few precedents in Israel’s architectural history, the designers and PSES have approached this project with an uncompromising commitment to reducing its environmental impact. From brownfield rehabilitation to the most advanced energy and water saving techniques, the PSES EcoBuilding’s groundbreaking design is bound to inspire a whole new era of sustainable development.

It was necessary to first rehabilitate a brownfield site on the Tel Aviv University campus before construction could begin and the building has been strategically oriented in accordance with local climatic conditions.

Energy for the project may be derived from a 50KW Photovoltaic solar system and chilled beam cooling technology will keep the interior nice and cool during Israel’s scorching hot summers.

The building’s facade optimizes the amount of natural light that enters the building, and though the footprint in relatively low, there remains a tremendous sense of expansion.

State of the art water saving techniques have been incorporated into this project. Not only will the building act as a “cup” for rainwater, but gray and black water will be separated so that the gray water can be recycled, and the building’s green roof will ensure the right kind of drainage.

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Via Green Prophet
Photos courtesy of  Geotectura

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