Non-toxic Solution Keeps Bugs Out Of Food

By David Shamah, for ISRAEL21c September 11, 2011 Comments

If you’ve ever been disgusted by the sight of a winged creature flying out of a newly opened box of cereal or other packaged food, read on.

Insect infestation is one of the biggest problems facing food manufacturers and distributors, who fight a constant battle to keep bugs out of factories and warehouses. Many pesticides are off-limits to food producers because of their toxicity, which makes this struggle even tougher.

“After some study, we discovered a perfectly natural and safe way to keep insects away from food,” says Prof. Shlomo Navarro, co-founder of Israel’s Bio[pack]. “Our solution is natural, safe, long-lasting and unlikely to be something a bug could build up resistance to, unlike chemical pesticides.”

Bio[pack]‘s compound can be applied to food packaging or used alone around a warehouse perimeter as an area repellent.

Navarro and his colleague Fadel Mansour of Israel’s Volcani Agricultural Research Center based their revolutionary product on scientific research into naturally occurring pest repellents in plants.

Agriculturalists long knew, for example, that spearmint plants repel ants, coriander repels aphids, horseradish keeps away Colorado potato beetles, tomatoes repel cabbage maggots and potatoes keep Mexican bean beetles at bay.

Navarro and his team, however, were the first to isolate and extract the specific chemical elements in plants that repel bugs. Bio[pack]’s solution combines numerous repellent elements into a single product.

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