WhoIsLive Transforms The Web Into Giant Social Network

By Idan Seri August 22, 2011 Comments

Ever wonder who is visiting a web page at the exact moment you are? Or perhaps who is browsing your website, or your photos on Facebook? Despite the advent of social media, browsing the web is still a very one-sided, individual practice.

A new browser extension aims to change that. WhoIsLive lets you know who is browsing the same web pages you are and even enables you to get in to contact and share information with your fellow navigators. Now, if you are looking for a recipe, or a herbal remedy, or reading a review, you and a person with similar interests at the other end of the world can discuss your latest findings.

The browser extension, which makes it easy to share links and videos, is currently available for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome. The extension works by connecting to your Facebook account and will show your full name, picture and a link to your Facebook profile.

WhoIsLive says users can choose to be “invisible” at any given time, but that means you will not be able to see other users either. “We implement the latest SSL technology so that what [users] do or say on any particular Web page is only visible to folks [they] choose to communicate with,” WhoIsLive said. But, they added, it’s up to users to exercise “general vigilance and common sense about what type of information you share and with whom.”

Aside from the social aspect, WhoIsLive is also targeting businesses, making it easy for them to see who is browsing their website or to get in touch with potential customers online.

WhoIsLive is free, and its creators promise that it will remain so. In the future, a premium version will be made available, mainly targeting website owners. The premium version will display the owners at the top of the contact list for WhoIsLive users browsing on their site, allowing them to contact them more easily.

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