MultiMi Brings All Your Online Identities Into A Single Platform

By Alexandra Man August 04, 2011 Comments

Waking up in the morning, I no longer just have to check my phone for calls or e-mails. In recent years, I have had to set aside much more time to check all my sources of online communication for important updates and messages. I now check my personal e-mail, my work e-mail, my Facebook messages, my LinkedIn messages and Twitter feed. Real techies might even have to update their Google and Outlook calendars and check their Google Docs and

How much time do we actually spend every day getting updates from all these various online platforms?

“A lot,” says Israeli start-up and “it’s a giant waste of time.”

That is why, together with anti-virus company AVG, developed MultiMi, a computer application designed to help internet users combine most their online life on their desktops and erases the need to constantly switch between sites. Email accounts, social networks, calendars, pictures from Picasa and Flickr, videos from YouTube, Facebook chat and GTalk and viewing documents from Google Docs and can all be accessed from one place with MultiMi.

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The app also allows users to share content between the different platforms and to update any account from within MultiMi. The app provides users with one control center that has access to all their accounts and enables them to stay up-to-date from one location.

The user interface has a leading role on MultiMi, as it tries to combine more than 12 different platforms and services that were not meant to work together, but they do here. A tab list in the left part of the software has all the relevant accounts divided into categories. Another smart feature is Drag and Drop that enables users to drag pictures and documents from the computer to MultiMi and share them with other users.

MultiMi is available only for Windows and it’s free. The team is working on adding more services (like RSS readers) and they will be available in the company’s next updates. AVG and are also planning on expanding MultiMi for tablets and mobile phones.

According to, the co-operation with AVG gives their software an extra layer of protection. MultiMi includes AVG’s LinkScanner® software that verifies all links for potentially malicious content.

However, states that because their software is currently in beta, users are likely to encounter bugs when there is too much information sent or received at once.

For now MultiMi does not support Google+, because its code is not public yet.

(This NoCamels article first appeared as MultiMi Brings All Your Online Identities Into A Single Platform on Technorati.)

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