WiseStamp: Creative Ways To Personalize Your Email Signatures

By Alexandra Man August 28, 2011 Comments

Do you ever think how many times per day people see your e-mail signature? E-mail signatures are like business cards and yet most of us still write our names and contact details manually or through our own e-mail service signature options, which, let’s be honest, are not really options at all.

WiseStamp offers a new approach to email signatures with its functional browser add-ons. One of the most common email apps is the Green Footer , which is not new, but is only now starting to get much traction.

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Founded in 2008 by Josh (Tzvika) Avnery and Orly Izhaki, WiseStamp is a DogPatch Labs graduate, Microsoft BizSpark start-up and the Best Social Media Gadget of 2009 by Mashable Open Web Award. It offers a browser extension, currently available for Chrome, Safari and Firefox and supports Gmail, Yahoo mail, AOL and Hotmail.

The extension allows you to customize your email with one of your social profiles and add dynamic content, like your latest Stumble, Tweet or blog post, to each sent mail. Recipients can interact directly with the app and on Twitter, for example, re-tweet or follow. The extension also targets businesses and enables them to distribute their content in one of the biggest online markets – the email, without being spammy.

WiseStamp also lets you add HTML content to your signature, as well as your latest or favorite bookmarks, videos, pictures- making your email a unique one that says something about its sender.

Besides the popular Green Footer, WiseStamp offers many other signature enhancement – random quotes, Wikipedia trivia facts, Ebay and Etsy products, RSS feeds, WWF support, personal banners and even legal footer or a disclaimer. So far, the extension has reached over 1 million installs and more than 210 million emails have been sent with it.

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