Phone App To Pimp Your Video Clip

By Alexandra Man July 16, 2011 Comments

Pimp My Clip, a new iPhone app from the Israeli software company Baboonix, is the first video enhancement app available in the Apple’s AppStore that offers a friendly editing platform for smartphones. The app offers many graphics and sounds to enrich videos that were taken on-the-go.

The video editing and enhancing app was developed by Baboonix, an Israeli mobile development company that focuses on entertainment and games for Android and iPhone. Founded in 2009 and privately owned since 2010, Baboonix specializes in 2D and 3D mobile graphics, smartphone sensors (accelerometer, GPS, multi-touch, microphone and video), internet media services and media processing (like Pimp My Clip.)

Baboonix’s Pimp My Clip, available on the AppStore, allows you to enrich your simple videos with graphics and sounds. The app comes with more than 450 images, animations, banners, comic elements, text bubbles and 150 sound effects and does not require any editing skills. The interface is friendly and is based on drag-and-drop actions. Duration, scale and position can be changed. Sound effects and voice-over (narration) can be added to replace or upgrade the original soundtrack. It’s a useful tool for plain cut and edit actions as well.

The interface of Pimp My Clip aims to provide the best mobile experience. With the app, video editing can be done in 5 minutes, on-the-go, without any dependence on desktops or professional editing programs. It is made possible due to Baboonix’s new BX Engine that overcomes the limitations of mobile phones, such as slow processors and limited storage. With all of those challenges eliminated, videos can be shared quickly through Pimp My Clip.

In order to start using the application users can choose between recording a video and choosing one from the library. When the video is done, it can be uploaded easily to the Pimp My Clip Youtube Channel, shared on Facebook or sent via email. The app requires iOS 4 or above and runs on iPhone 3GS/4, iPod Touch 3rd/4thgeneration, iPhone, iPad and iPad2. Currently, video editing is available for landscape videos only.

Baboonix also develops games and recently entered into a cooperation with environmental organization Greenpeace to develop games under the slogan “Play to Save the World.” The games incorporate fun and interesting facts about the environment and climate change. In “Green Jump” players have to escape air pollution and in “Tuna in Trouble” the player saves tuna fish from holes fishing nets.

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