Israeli Startup Invents Mechanism to Keep Your Strollers Safe

By Idan Seri June 28, 2011 Comments

The idea that your baby’s stroller could suddenly roll down a hill at a dizzying speed is every mother’s worst nightmare. The same fear often grips people in wheelchairs or gurneys. A new Israeli startup, called Smart Wheels 2 Go, has come up with a simple invention that limits the speed of a stroller or wheelchair’s wheels.

The invention recently won the Biztec competition in Israel and is moving on to global competitions. The man behind the innovation is Lior Freedman, a third-year Business Management Student at Israel’s Ono Academic College.

The startup developed a mechanism, inserted into only one of the wheels, which limits speed to a relatively slow pace. The speed can be adapted and there is even an off button to turn the mechanism off if you feel like taking your baby or wheelchair patient for a run.

The product will target the commercial baby market and then move on to hospitals and ambulances.

Freedman said the idea came to him in a dream. He dreamt he was sitting in a stroller and speeding uncontrollably down a hill. When he woke up, he realized he had a great idea. A recently retired soldier, Freedman tested the idea and two years later started development on his product.

Three months ago the company created a working prototype and is planning to release its first product in the next year. The product is expected to sell for $30-50.

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