Never Lose or Forget Your Free Coffee Stamp Card Again!

By Translation by Idan Seri May 18, 2011 Comments

Among the many items we must remember to put in our pockets when leaving the house, there is one small but essential item – the coffee shop stamp card, a little piece of carton that grants you one free cup of coffee after purchasing a number of coffees.

A new mobile application, developed by Israeli company Rewardy and available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry, frees you from that old-fashioned card by turning your phone into a digital card.

Eyal Brazillai, an experienced high-tech entrepreneur, first came up with the idea a year ago. For 6 months, he worked with a 5-person team on building the concept and designing the app.

Brazillai distributed the new application by going door to door, from coffee shop to coffee shop, because, he says “coffee shop owners are very busy people on the one hand. On the other hand, they’re skeptical about such things.” Currently the app services a few well-known Israeli chains, such as Segal Coffee and Lehem Erez.

Rewardy wanted to keep the feel of the stamp card and designed the application to look a lot like the old cards and to be used in similar fashion as well. When purchasing a cup of coffee, the customer hands their phone to the waiter, who then types in a unique code and hands the phone back to the customer. Once the last cup has been stamped, the application automatically restarts the count.

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Translation by Idan Seri
Photo courtesy Rewardy

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