For Every Ticket Purchased Online, Israel’s Largest Airline Will Sponsor A Tree

By By KKL-JNF, for Jpost April 13, 2011 Comments

With global air travel expected to reach 5.9 trillion passengers by 2015 and concerns for the environment at an all time high, EL AL, Israel’s largest international airline, has teamed up with JNF UK and KKL-JNF to encourage passengers to book on line and by doing so offset their carbon emissions when they fly. For every passenger who purchases an e-ticket on-line on the EL AL UK website for the London-Tel Aviv-London route, EL AL will sponsor a tree and will double the donation for every business or first class return e-ticket purchased on-line. If the ticket will be purchased on the JNF UK site, EL AL will double the donation.

The agreement was announced by Dubi Bergman, KKL-JNF emissary to the UK, who first began working on the idea two years ago: “The agreement is for three years and for sponsoring 30,000 trees. For each passenger flying to Israel from the UK and back, a tree will be planted in KKL-JNF’s Chiran Forest in the northeastern Negev of Israel, a part of Yatir Forest. EL AL UK, together with JNF UK and KKL-JNF, will issue an electronic certificate for every return ticket purchased on the London-Tel Aviv-London route. Both sides agreed to extend the number of trees or length of years according to clients’ requests. “By doing this, EL AL is now the first airline to automatically include offsetting carbon emissions as part of the ticket price.

Commenting on the agreement, Uri Danor said that ”EL AL is delighted that we can now combine a top quality service to our passengers with protecting the environment. Each EL AL customer who books online can now fly in the knowledge that together, we are working towards clearer skies.”

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