Startup Develops Mobile Video Projector Smaller Than Your Little Finger

By Translation by Michael J. Mintz February 27, 2011 Comments

The days when we place our cell phones on the table and screen films and TV shows from it are quickly approaching. Several  electronic companies have been racing to be the first to launch tiny wireless projectors and it seems a statup called bTendo might get their first.

Based in Kfar Saba, Israel, bTendo signed an agreement to jointly manufacture small projectors with an electronics giants, ST Microelectronics.

The product will be usable for more than just a cell phone. The goal is for it to be utilized by anything that could use a small projector such as netbook laptop computers. According to bTendo’s, the first model available for cell phones will be out by 2012 or 2013.

bTendo director Dana Gross, who is the former CEO of SanDisk Israel, says, “It will be the tiniest projector known in the world.”

The product will be based on technology developed by bTendo, which specializing in laser technology and ST Microelectronics, which specializes in video processing chip production technology. Gross says the volume of the projector will be less than three cubic centimeters and that its height will be less than six millimeters tall, smaller than an little finger.

Gross added, “the tiny projector will display a sharp, focused image with clearer colors than any other small projector on the market. It will also consume less energy than other projectors of its kind.

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Translated by Michael J. Mintz
Photo  bTendo

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