Palestinian And Israeli Hippopotamus Matchmaking

By nocamels February 19, 2011 Comments

Six months ago, the people of the Ramat Gan Safari in Israel donated a young hippopotamus to the Palestinian zoo in Qalqilya. They didn’t imagine that not long after, their colleagues from the West Bank would come back to tell them their young hippo is “lonely and depressed without a female hippo around him”.

In the past few weeks, further communication has been taking place between the zoo and the safari, as well as security factors from both the Palestinian and the Israeli sides, in order to advance a transfer of a female companion for the  hippopotamus.

According to Israeli military source involved in the “deal,” the Palestinians are interested in other animals in the Safari, among them a giraffe. The Qalqilya zoo was established in 1986 and has been a popular attraction among Palestinian children in the West Bank. Last summer, the zoo attracted more than 20,000 visitors.

To read the whole story in Hebrew click here
Photo By Pelican

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