Israeli Start-Up Uses iPhone To Report Dangerous Drivers

By David Shamah for israel21c February 15, 2011 Comments

How many times have you driven along the highway, only to be cut off by some rude speeder who seems determined to take others along when s/he inevitably crashes? At moments like these, you might wish you could turn on a siren, stop the offender and write a ticket just like the police can do.

Well, thanks to Israeli cell phone application developer Zemingo, dangerous drivers are now getting their just desserts. Drivers who install the Traffic Observer app on their iPhones will be able to record and report offensive road behavior, take video of the obnoxious actions of errant drivers and upload the footage to their country’s National Road Safety Committee.

Tens of thousands of people have downloaded and installed the app, says Tsiki Naftaly, one of Zemingo’s founders and head of marketing and business development. “In the short time the app has been available for download in the iPhone App Store, dozens of bad drivers have been caught by the authorities after people filmed their violations.”

Traffic Observer is one of a plethora of apps made by Zemingo, a Tel Aviv-based firm that has won numerous bids in tenders put out by a variety of companies.

“We wrote an app for a very large maker of camera surveillance systems to allow users to observe the view from the cameras on their iPhones and iPads,” Naftaly tells ISRAEL21c. “To get that contract, we had to go head-to-head with some of the biggest and best companies in the US, as the tender generated a great deal of interest because it was a high profile app.”

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