Startup’s Products Provide Safe Drinking Water In Critical Situations

By Abigail Klein Leichman for israel21c January 30, 2011 Comments

Following a major earthquake in Taiwan in 2009, humanitarian aid workers from Israel brought along locally made WaterSheer products to ensure a steady stream of portable water for the survivors and to transport drinking water quickly to where it was needed most.

“You need high quality water in every circumstance, and we are able to provide it even in cases of disaster,” says Yossie Sandak, CEO and co-founder of the three-year-old company based in Airport City, near Tel Aviv. “In Taiwan, within 48 hours our products were already in the field and purifying 16,000 liters (4,227 gallons) per day.”

Sulis Personal Purification Devices (PPDs) are compact and self-contained contraptions that fit onto standard bottles, water taps and tanks.

Using a chlorine tablet to treat organic, biological and chemical contaminants, Sulis delivers safe drinking water from almost any groundwater source. One unit can purify up to 700 liters (185 gallons) with a shelf life of about six months. This makes it suitable for emergency preparedness response, military operations, global travel and other commercial uses.

The Sokol1 multi-liter reusable purification system and the Sokol Alert were designed to treat large quantities of undrinkable water. The aseptic “water pillow” system provides a solution for supply and mobilization. Each pillow holds up to 3,100 gallons of potable water and can be loaded onto flatbed trucks. When they arrive at distribution points, the units are emptied into smaller flexible thermoplastic “pillows” that can have taps attached for easy and immediate distribution.

WaterSheer also came to the rescue in Myanmar after the 2008 cyclone and Haiti after the earthquake earlier this year. Now the company is preparing for its role in coordinated contingency plans in case of terrorist attack or natural calamity during the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil.


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