Toothpaste For Kangaroos

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A team of Israeli scientist has developed the worlds’ first toothpaste for Kangaroos. Indeed, zoos around the world have discovered that the animals, especially those in captivity, often develop severe gingival diseases.  According to scientists, kangaroos’ gum problems are caused primarily by the unsupervised consumption of processed handed to them by visitors. Stress also worsens the condition, say the experts. Gingival disease often means  death for the animals as it leads to a loss of appetite and ultimately starvation.

Four years ago a severe case of gingival disease broke among the kangaroos at the “Gan Guro” zoo, of Kibutz Nir David in Bait Shean Valley, and about 40% of the Australian animal population died. Following the event, a team of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, headed by Professors Michael Friedman and Doron Steinberg and Dr. Eran Lavi, developed a  medication to treat the disease. The paste, similar to lacquer, is wiped only once by the veterinarian inside the kangaroos’ mouths, and is said to spread to the infected areas.

Tests were conducted for three years in “Gan Guru” and the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem. “The treatment was a full success”, says Pr. Steinberg. “Kangaroos in which the gingival disease was discovered were treated by the ointment, and were cured shortly after. According to the development team, the medication would be suitable for dogs and cats as well.

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Translation by Lee Golan
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