GM To Insert Wireless Charging Into Car Mats

By Alexandra Man January 25, 2011 Comments

General Motors car passengers will soon be able to wirelessly charge their cell phones, music players and other electronic devices on a car mat designed by Israeli start-up, Powermat.

On January 24,  Powermat and General Motors announced a $5million agreement that will enable the charging of up to three electronic devises simultaneously, starting in 2012.  The first car to include the “powermat”  will be GM’s electrically powered Volt.

The wireless mat, which could replace the more cumbersome system of connecting a cable to car lighters, will also be able to heat or cool drinks, according to the Israeli start-up.

The mat, first introduced by company founder Ran Poliakin in 2009, has already sold 4 million units of its electrical wireless charging platforms.

Powermat recently announced another collaboration with Teknion, one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of office furniture. Teknion is planning to embed wireless charging platforms inside some of its furniture.

Poliakin has said: “In 2011 we plan on widening our deployment in stores. Our goal is to sell Powermat products in 30,000 stores in North America.” Various Powermat products are already being sold at Best-Buy, Walmart, Target, Amazon, Office Depot and other retailers.

Photo courtesy Powermat

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