Software Diagnoses Health Condition Through Voice

By Harvey Stein for israel21c November 25, 2010 Comments

Innovative new voice analysis technology has been developed in Israel that can decipher your emotional and physical state.

The technology, developed by eXaudios Technologies, is already being used to transform the world of sales, and future applications could include diagnosis of conditions such as autism and Parkinson’s, as well as their severity.

The software was developed by Dr. Yoram Levanon, founder and CEO of eXaudios. He began working on the technology after analyzing more than 50,000 voices speaking various languages and realizing that intonation is the key to communication.

Watch this video to understand the technology

One of the first applications of the new technology was in a project for call centers called MagInify. Companies in the US and Israel are already using MagInify, which analyzes both the customer’s and the agent’s voice in real time to provide the agent with feedback to enhance sales, such as advice to be more positive in the conversation.

Levanon then discovered that certain diseases, such as cancer, Parkinson’s and autism, influence our intonation, and he hopes that the eXaudios software will also be used as a diagnostic tool in the future. Another application in the pipeline is an adaptation of the software to provide an emotional search engine on-line.

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