Cell La Vie: Reduce Cell Phone Rays ‘By 98 Percent’

By Anouk Lorie November 09, 2010 Comments

An Israeli start-up company, Wise Environment, has recently launched a product called Cell La Vie which it says reduces exposure to mobile phones’ electromagnetic radiation by 98 percent.

Currently available for the iPhone only, Cell La Vie is a thin transparent film to be stuck on to the back, front and side of the device with glue. The Cell La Vie kit, which costs $47 (197 NIS), works by deflecting the phone’s radiation away from the person using it.

While the link between cell phone radiation and cancer has never been proven and is widely debated, most health specialists advocate for caution while using mobile phones.

The head of a World Health Organization decade-long study, called Interphone, told the UK’s Telegraph last year: “In the absence of definitive results and in the light of a number of studies which, though limited, suggest a possible effect of radiofrequency radiation, precautions are important.”

Wise Environment believes a large number of people would therefore be happy to add another expense to their iPhone, if it means being safe. The company intends to develop different films for other brands and primarily for smartphones.

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