Software deciphers your mood to suggest movies

By David Shamah for israel21c October 23, 2010 Comments

We’re used to work, school, commuting, and family all competing for our time and energy. But in recent years, even our leisure time is overloaded with options. With so many entertainment choices available, who has time to waste on a second-rate restaurant, film, or TV show?

While it can’t solve all your leisure dilemmas, Israel’s Jinni can help you when it comes to movies. The company has developed a unique and advanced ‘video genome’ that reads, understands, and classifies movie ‘genes,’ helping you to easily find the film that suits your mood. With Jinni, says president and founder Yosi Glick, “you get the movie you want, without the guesswork.”

While you wouldn’t necessarily think that genetics could apply to film, Glick says that the science has a lot to do with the movies. “There are so many different attributes that go into mood and taste, and all these apply to film,” he says. Like genes in the human body, movies have hundreds, if not thousands, of attributes, and the Jinni system defines those attributes and allows users to search through a huge database of movies, allowing them to precisely hone in on the movie that best fits their mood.

Most movies are labeled comedy, drama, action, etc., but the Jinni genome goes much further. “A movie could be a comedy, but at the same time involve dysfunctional families, raising children, slapstick comedy, relationships between husbands and wives, along with dozens, if not hundreds, of other attributes, or genes,” Glick told ISRAEL21c.

The Jinni genome analyzes information about a film – from online reviews, viewer opinion, the plot itself, and many other sources, including ratings by Jinni users – and breaks the information down into the ‘genetic traits’ being described, using a combination of natural language processing and sentiment analysis.

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