Dead sea new wonder of the world?

By nocamels October 24, 2010 Comments

Israel is pushing hard for the dead sea to win an international competition that is looking for the new wonders of the world. School kids will assist the Dead Sea to earn points in an international competition looking for the new Wonders of the world. A letter sent this week by the Israeli CEO of the Education office, has instructed the schools to dedicate at least two weekly hours for teaching on the Dead Sea. The schools were also asked to organize class trips to the area.

The international competition is being conducted for the past couple of months, and its purpose is to eventually declare on seven geographical sites all around the world that will be selected as the new Wonders of the World. Israel has signed up The Dead Sea to the competition, the world’s lowest area.

The goal of the education office’s instruction is to increase the students’ acquaintance with the Dead Sea, eventually exposing them to the competition and encouraging them to vote.

Photo by Tracy Hunter

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