bar-ilan university

Bar-Ilan University Launches New School And Research Facility For Clean Energy And Sustainability

Bar-Ilan University has inaugurated a research center for energy and sustainability as well as a multidisciplinary school.
May 23, 2022

Ugly Veg Turned Into Artistic Packaging You Can Actually Eat

Startup dries sliced pumpkin, carrot and eggplant into containers for ready meals
August 10, 2022

Choose Your Animal: App Turns Dating Into ‘Playful Mystery’

Users of a new dating app choose an avatar and are paired up by AI
August 09, 2022

The AI Robot Chef That Grills Your Meat-Free Burger

The future of fast food is already here says plant-based startup
August 08, 2022

No Wires, No Electricity: World’s First Nitrogen-Powered Air Con

Startup patents breakthrough way to stay cool outside without harming the planet
August 07, 2022

Life-Changing App Lets Deaf People Join The Conversation

First startup of its kind provides free and instant access to sign language interpreters
August 04, 2022

No Egg, No Sperm, No Womb: The Synthetic Mouse Embryo

Breakthrough is first step towards growing human organs and tissue in the lab
August 03, 2022