Cooling System Keeps Vital Servers Running Smoothly & Sustainably

Every tech company in the world uses servers containing silicon chips to store vital data and carry out other crucial functions that keep websites, e-commerce and social media alive.  Overheating is a familiar problem to many people who own a computer, and it is even more prevalent and far more consequential in the data centers […]

Cracking The Code Of Creating A Better Egg - Without The Chicken

 “Eggs are natural and economical, so keep enough on hand,” a smiling man cheerfully explains in a 1978 commercial sponsored by the American Egg Board.   “Eggs are a natural wonder, for meals, snacks, appetizers, whatever,” he goes on to claim, backed by upbeat music. The advert ends with a tagline well known to Americans: “The […]

How Insect DNA Could Change Face Of Cosmetic & Car Industries 

Imagine an elastic-like protein that is found in the natural world, but is so strong, flexible and sustainable that it can be used in a multitude of industries, from cosmetics to cars and even footwear.   One Israeli startup is so convinced of the potential of resilin, which is found in insects, that it has begun […]

Tiny Implant Revolutionizes Treatment For Heart Failure Patients 

A groundbreaking way of measuring fluid buildup in the body allows chronic heart failure patients to monitor their condition and treat it independently with a physician-approved response.  Tel Aviv-based startup Vectorious has created a tiny pressure sensor that is implanted directly into the heart. It is the only sensor in the world that measures the […]

Circle Of Battery Life: Old Power Cells Get New Purpose For EVs 

An Israeli company has found new value in discarded batteries from electric vehicles, installing them at charging stations as an energy storage facility used to replenish functioning EV power cells.  Once batteries in electric vehicles can only be charged to 70 to 80 percent of their capacity, regulations worldwide state that they have to be […]
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