Small Country, Big Dreams: Israel Leads New Space Race

Israel may be a tiny country, barely visible from space, but it’s ahead of most of the world in getting there. In September 1998 it became only the eighth country in the world to put an object in space, with the launch of its Ofek 1 reconnaissance satellite. Two decades later its Beresheet unmanned spacecraft […]

Eat Your Greens! These Tiny Specks Are The New Superfood

These tiny bright green specks are tomorrow’s superfood. They’re high in protein and phytonutrients – which boost the immune system. And they contain more iron than spinach, and more zinc than broccoli or kale. In Thailand they’re known as khai-nam – “eggs of the water” – and have traditionally been grown as a cheap and […]

Watch And Learn: Robot Picks Up New Skills In Seconds

A breakthrough technology means robots can literally “watch and learn” without the need for any programming. Just perform an action – packing items or stacking containers, for example – and they will observe, analyze and copy, often in a matter of seconds. A team of programmers and engineers could take days or weeks to do […]

Painless Procedure: Tiny Ice Ball Kills Tumors In Minutes

A medical breakthrough now allows doctors to freeze early-stage breast tumors – with no surgery, no scarring, no general anesthetic and no tissue removal. The entire procedure can take as little as 40 minutes. Patients can go straight home after its done, and are spared the painful recovery process. The idea of using an extremely […]

On A Roll: Solar Panels You Can Fit ANYWHERE

Solar is a power for the future, but it relies on panels that are fixed and heavy. Now a startup in Israel is producing solar panels on a roll. They’re light, flexible, and they can be applied to virtually any surface. It opens up a world of opportunities, for ultra-thin panels on sidewalks, reservoirs, greenhouses, […]
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