Social Media For Cancer Patients Offers Support And Advice

For people diagnosed with serious illnesses such as cancer, the treatment period can mean a maze of emotions, appointments and medical jargon that can often prove overwhelming.  Israeli startup Belong.Life, created by the son of a cancer patient, has built an entire social media platform around the specific needs of people undergoing treatment – and […]

Using E. coli Bacteria To Detect Landmines From Afar

In 2010, 11-year-old Daniel Yuval was badly injured during a family hike in the Golan Heights when he accidentally wandered onto a snow-covered minefield and detonated a landmine.  This terrible incident, which cost young Daniel his right leg, is unfortunately not an isolated case in Israel.  Now, scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have […]

Augmented Reality App Makes Empty House Into Potential Home

Renting or buying a new property is widely regarded as one of the most stressful things you can do, and is only exacerbated when confronted by a vast empty space without the furniture or trappings that make a house a home.  An Israeli startup has created an augmented reality (AR) app that allows prospective tenants […]

All-In-One Kit Turns Urban Roofs Into Energy-Producing Gardens

A bird’s eye view of the skies above Basel, Copenhagen and Paris will reveal – aside from the spectacular views – rooftops that lately have been blooming with abundance of greenery.  These rooftops adorned with vegetables and other vegetation are known as green roofs and have become mandatory for new and freshly renovated spaces in […]

A Cybersecurity Approach To Cutting Food Waste

How do you maximize food production and prevent waste in your supply chain at a time when climate change and a growing global population are placing an increasing strain on resources?  According to Israeli startup Blue Circle, you do it in the same way you protect your technology from hackers: with artificial intelligence, machine learning […]
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