AI Platform Takes Sting Out Of Financial Firms’ Arduous Excel Tasks 

Despite some pop culture depictions of a wild, devil-may-care industry, financial management is an orderly, well-documented world, using the Excel program as the standard for meticulous data organization.  But as reliable as Excel is, this can mean seemingly endless tables and spreadsheets that every company needs to manage manually.  And these tasks involve long hours […]

Electric Mopeds Driving Off Gas-Guzzling Rivals On City Streets

The ubiquitous urban thrum of scores of mopeds weaving their way through heavy traffic could soon be superseded by the hushed whisper of electric engines, courtesy of an Israeli company who says its replacement vehicles are cheaper, safer and more sustainable than gasoline guzzlers.    The Tel Aviv-based Blitz Motors was founded in 2012 by CEO […]

Coming Through! Device Clears Veins Blocked By Clots, Scar Tissue  

The creators of a new treatment for blocked veins say their technology has the potential to revolutionize the treatment for a medical problem that affects millions worldwide but has been largely left unchanged for decades.  Veinway CEO and co-founder Jordan Pollack tells NoCamels that chronic venous disorders – a term covering a gamut of issues […]

AI Helps Telehealth Providers Dig Deep Into Patients' Real Needs

Who is the person at the end of the phone or on the other side of the screen when we use remote healthcare – and can they get a true image of our medical needs and experiences? Most of the time the care manager is a trained nurse or other medical professional, says Yoni Shtein, […]

Shower Power: Making Wasted Hot Water A Smart Source Of Energy

As the world becomes ever more concerned with the impact of climate change and increasing levels of greenhouse gasses, one company is on a mission to revolutionize the way we heat water – a major strain on energy usage.  Sowillo Energy, based in the community town of Mikhmanim in northern Israel, has developed a system […]
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