Rehab Reality: Using VR To Overcome Injury, Illness & Even PTSD 

At a Tel Aviv hospital using virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) to aid rehabilitation after injury or debilitating illness, at least one expert believes that this is the best way to help people through the recovery process.  Virtual reality places users in a computer-generated, immersive scenario that blots out the real world, most […]

‘Magic’ User ID Turns Companies Into Data-Protection Community

Online shopping has made commercial aspects of our lives more convenient – for both companies and consumers. Yet internet-based financial transactions can leave companies vulnerable to scammers who create fake accounts in order to present themselves as honest and reliable, but whose true aim is to make purchases with stolen credit cards.  Israeli startup Identiq […]

Stronger Seeds Could Counter Climate Change Food Insecurity 

A swelling global population and the vagaries of climate change have left humanity scrambling for solutions for looming food insecurity.  Realizing just how crucial it is to maximize the production of food staples, Israeli agritech company SaliCrop developed a way to protect seeds from adverse environmental factors, known as abiotic stresses, making it possible to […]
Illustrative: A passenger airliner flying through clouds. Deposit Photos

Startup Aims High With 'Green' Jet Fuel Made From Waste 

Aviation is a notoriously environmentally unfriendly mode of transport, which, according to the European Union, is responsible for 14 percent of greenhouse gasses (GHG) produced by the sector. In fact, the EU says that if global aviation were a country, it would be in the top 10 of GHG producers.  Israeli scientists, however, have now […]

AI Platform Turns Drones Into Autonomous Pesticide Sprayers 

An Israeli startup has developed artificial intelligence-driven software that allows drones to autonomously administer pesticides to crops, without exposing farm workers to potentially dangerous chemicals.  The delivery of the pesticides, which are used to control weeds, insects and diseases on crops and other plants, involves spraying chemicals onto the plants. And although they are designed […]
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