Sensor Shows Whether Meat Is Fresh, Regardless Of ‘Best Before’ Date

So many of us have thrown away meat, fish or chicken because of a little sticker telling us it is past its prime, fearing that the freshness has been compromised and sickness will follow.  We tend to obey the “best before” labels, even if our common sense – and noses – tells us that the […]

AI Tool Helps Doctors Pick Optimum Cancer Treatment For Patients  

An Israeli medtech company is using artificial intelligence to help oncologists decide the best and most effective course of treatment for their cancer patients.  OncoHost’s main focus is on treatments for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). According to the World Cancer Research Fund, lung cancer is the second most common cancer (after breast cancer) and […]

Mini Melons Are Made Just Right For A Single Serving 

Imagine a melon whose miniature size means you can hold it in your hand and eat the whole thing in one single sitting.  Israeli scientists at the Volcani Institute, Israel’s prestigious Agricultural Research Organization, have developed just that.  The small size of this new kind of melon means each fruit is an individual serving – […]

Fake Fur, Real Sustainability: Company Fighting Pollution In Fashion 

Bio-Fluff, manufacturer of one of the world’s first fully vegan, biodegradable faux fur, is on a mission to transform fashion – the third most polluting industry on the planet. The Paris and New York-based company creates plant-based alternatives to animal and synthetic materials, starting with their own luxury fashion brand Savian, which offers faux fur, […]

Femtech Firm Aims To Cure Endometriosis With Cannabinoids

Endometriosis is one of the most pernicious diseases affecting women – for many causing severe pain, depression and even infertility – and it currently has no cure.  The disease is caused when tissue similar to that making up the lining of a woman’s uterus (the endometrium) grows in other areas, mainly in the pelvic region […]
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