Programmer With A Stutter Creates Online Aid For Fellow Sufferers

Moshe, a computer programmer who suffers from a life-long stutter, tried every kind of treatment to ease the jaw spasms, severe facial twitches and feelings of suffocation he experienced whenever he spoke. But every time he’d step out of a clinic or treatment center, he had no way of preserving the methods he had just […]

Brain Games Keeping Our Minds Sharp As We Age

Tens of thousands of senior citizens in Israel and the US are playing online brainteasers developed by an Israeli startup to help improve their memories and stave off the cognitive decline that can come as we – and our brains – get older.  Tel Aviv-based Effectivate offers 25 different games for what it calls brain […]

Compost Drum Turning Muck Into Money, Shrinking Israeli Landfills

An Israeli company wants to reduce the nation’s numerous landfill sites with its organic waste disposal system.   EcoCity Green’s solution takes a wide range of organic waste and converts it into marketable compost on site, in what company founder and CEO Erez Wolf says is a unique, low-energy, low-cost process.   “This is the game changer […]

Tech Innovators Come Together To Help Israel’s Wounded Warriors

Israeli giants of industry such as 3D printer Stratasys and defense technology company Elbit have spent the last eight months developing innovative solutions – not to benefit their businesses, but to ease ongoing issues faced by wounded veterans.  Restart, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of Israel’s wounded veterans, recruited these companies to […]

A Rosh Hashanah Toast To Israel’s Wine Innovators 

Israel has long been known for its innovation, earning its moniker of startup nation for its technological advances in medicine, climate change, agriculture and more. And that innovation has reached the country’s wine market, with sellers and growers alike turning to unique methods of growing, development and even hiring workers. And as Jews all over […]
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