AI Finds "New" Ingredients For Skincare Products

The Egyptians were already using aloe, lavender, and peppermint for cosmetic purposes over 5,000 years ago. The knowledge they gained about plants has been preserved through centuries and we still use many of the same ingredients to treat our skin today. Even though scientists are discovering new plants and fungi every year – over 100 […]

Trucks Have Never Had Reverse Cameras, Until Now

Reverse cameras are now fitted as standard on virtually every new car. But truck drivers use less advanced technology to check what’s behind them. They climb out of their tractor (the cab, or front of the truck), walk to the back of the trailer, make sure it’s clear, climb back inside the front. And then […]

Natural Spray Adds Weeks To Life Of Fresh Fruit And Veg

We’ve all pulled a cucumber out of the fridge, only to find it’s shriveled, shrunk and moldy. In the US alone, households waste over 30 percent of the food they buy – even though most supermarket fruit and veg are either sprayed with a preserving wax or wrapped in clear plastic. Israeli startup Sufresca has […]

Spider-Man Robot Is Window Cleaner Of The Future

It’s 2023, and window cleaners on ropes, with a bucket of soapy water, are still cleaning the world’s tallest buildings. We’ve made huge leaps in technology, from electric vehicles to gene editing, from AI and 3D-printing to nano-satellites. But even today, the overwhelming majority of skyscraper windows are washed by hand. Ido Genosar believes there’s […]

World’s First Breast Pump That Suckles Like A Real Baby

The world’s first breast pump that mimics a baby’s suckling was launched in Israel last month. Within two hours, it had completely sold out online. It’s clear why: moms are simply fed up with traditional breast pumps. They are frustrating to use, they often don’t produce enough milk, and the pumping can be extremely painful.  […]
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