Smartwatch Tracks Your Mental Health Through Your Heartbeat

An estimated 225 million people around the world today wear a smartwatch, using it to keep track of text messages, emails and even how many steps they have taken.  And now, thanks to software created by an Israeli startup and the little sensor on the device itself, smartwatch owners can also keep track of their […]

Streamlining US Healthcare, With Israeli Electronic System As Model

A Tel Aviv startup is applying the practices of Israeli healthcare to the US, with the objective of reducing poor cohesion within the American system, making it more accessible and bringing down costs for users.  A lack of universal healthcare in the US, unlike most of the world, means that Americans must themselves navigate between […]

Startup Fights Superbugs, Antibiotic Resistance With Rapid Testing  

There’s a common situation that occurs during a doctor’s visit. The patient comes in with an ailment, perhaps it’s a cough, a congested chest or ear ache.  The doctor raises possibilities of what could be causing the sickness – pneumonia, strep throat, an ear infection and so on. Chests are listened to, ears are examined, […]

Negev Innovation Hub Cultivates New Tech In Desert Climes

Nestled in Israel’s Negev desert, an innovation hub dedicated to cultivating climate tech has put down roots in the arid yet fertile landscape.  The name InNegev is a portmanteau of “innovation” and “Negev,” CEO Arnon Columbus tells NoCamels, which he says symbolizes its mission to transform the challenges of a desert into opportunities for innovation […]

Software Keeping Kids Safe In ‘Toxic’ World of Online Gaming

 While American parents in the 1980s were famously asked if they knew where their children were playing outside the home, modern parents could just as easily be asked if they know who their children are gaming with inside the home.  US-based startup Kidas has teamed up with Israel-based Overwolf, one of the biggest developers of […]
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