Israeli ‘Limb Factory’ Gives Life Back To Disabled

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Few could imagine what is going on inside the small warehouse overlooking Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport. Scattered throughout the space, hundreds of limbs are piled onto each other: arms, legs; some painted the color of human flesh, others colored deep hues of blue or red.

This is Y.D Gapim, where patients come from all over the world to be fitted with prosthetic limbs. The man behind the initiative is Yehuda Pilosof, a charismatic, deeply spiritual orthopedic technician trained both in Israel and abroad, whose life motto is to “make possible what is impossible.”

Pilosof, together with his son Israel, a former soccer player, works around the clock sculpting, measuring, coloring and matching prosthetic limbs to the patients who lost theirs. The father-son team often travel long distances to help patients or train other orthopedic technicians around the world.

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