Tired Of Folding Laundry? Let FoldiMate Take Care Of Your Pile

By Lisa Shmulyan, NoCamels June 20, 2016 Comments

Can’t stand folding piles of laundry? Welcome to the club. According to home appliances giant Whirpool, 46 percent of homeowners dream of an appliance that can fold their clothes.

Enter Israeli-made FoldiMate, an invention dubbed as “your laundry-folding friend,” which simplifies and automates the folding process. Essentially, this robot de-wrinkles and folds your clothing within minutes.

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Starting at $700, the machine will be available for pre-order in 2017, with first shipments expected in 2018. To date, 108,000 people have already pre-ordered the device.

10 seconds to fold one garment 

Founded in 2012 by Israeli CEO Gal Rozov, FoldiMate is now headquartered in San Francisco. So far, the startup has received $500,000 in seed funding from Rozov, as well as from investors Robert Ford and Hillel Greenberg,

How does the machine work? After washing and drying your clothing, you clip 15-20 items into the integrated rack. Then, press a button to designate what kind of garment each piece is: a shirt, a pair of pants, etc.

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FoldiMate will then fold the clothes in 10 seconds per item, and de-wrinkle them in 20-30 seconds per item. The device also comes with an option to perfume or soften clothes while they’re being folded.

However, there is a limit to what the FoldiMate can do; you still have to clip on the garments onto it yourself. Also, it is intended for standard sizes and cannot handle items such as towels, undergarments, or socks.

One of Foldimate’s competitors is Japanese company Laundroid. With a similar vision, Laundroid’s machine is still in development. The main difference is that it doesn’t require users to clip on the pieces of clothing, but takes longer to fold each item.

At an expected price of $700-$850, one FoldiMate unit costs roughly the same as a good-quality washer or dryer. The 32-inch tall, 28-inch wide device can fit into most laundry rooms and is designed to sit atop a normal washer or dryer.

So, if you want to stop staring at your pile of laundry and simplify your life, you might want to try FoldiMate.


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