Online Dog-Sitting Marketplace Makes Sure Your Pet Is In Good Hands When You Go On Vacation

By Roi Mitteiler, NoCamels April 17, 2014 Comments

How and where to leave your dog is is probably your primary and most nail-biting concern every time you leave on holiday. Asking a friend to dog sit is  pushing the limit of most friendships and dog pensions are expensive.

Israeli company Tasko is a solution for dog owners by dog owners – and it’s all about keeping your pet in good hands.

Tasko was launched in August 2013 by three Israeli entrepreneurs: Peleg Aran, Tomer Dean, and Ran Altar. The website is a comprehensive marketplace that allows you to look for accredited dog walkers and sitters or, alternatively, to offer your dog sitting services on your personalized profile page.

Tasko is already operating in the greater Tel Aviv area and is planning a European launch over the next few months.

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When Dean went on holiday a few years ago, he found what he thought was a high-end pension for his dog: “When I came back, I found dog infected with flees and it looked like the place had totally neglected him,” he tells NoCamels. And so he and Aran and Altar, who met when they all served in the same technology unit in the Israeli Defense Forces and are all avid pet lovers and owners, created Tasko.

The team attracted customers by opening booths in dog parks and giving away dog treats.

Winning over the owner and the dog

When pet owners sign up for the service, they can either be the dog sitter, making extra income, or the costumer, buying a host service for their pet. “We personally interview all hosts and hand-select the very best, who in turn create detailed personal profile pages, with pictures and residence information to give the dog owners a chance to get to know their pet hosts and develop trust.”

The Tasko team

The Tasko team

A growing market

According to Dean , the dog sitting market is a thriving industry. The US startup DogVacay, which does dog sitting in the US, has already received $22 million in investment and is growing. “These investments motivate us to work harder and seize the uncontested European market.”

Dean says an official mobile app will be launched soon and they are also signing with an insurance company to cover all pet risks.

“Dog sitting is only the beginning, we plan to tame the huge potential in the social economy and provide the platform to trade many other personal tasks,” Dean tells NoCamels.

Since the company charges 10 percent commission from day one, it is already breaking even. However, prior to their expansion into Europe, the team is currently raising $100,000 in seed funding.

Photo: barkpetcare

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