Israeli ‘Lock Alert’ Up For IFSEC Innovation Award

By Ynetnews May 06, 2012 Comments

A new alert system developed by Israel’s MultiLock and Starcom Systems aims to tattletale on thieves – literally.

The WatchLock – a lock enforced with special GPS and cellular chips – allows owners to track its location anywhere in the world, and send them a text message should anyone try to pry it open.

The system is the first of its kind in the world and is one of the leading candidates for the IFSEC 2012 innovation awards.

Held in the UK in mid May, IFSEC is the largest annual security event in Britain and one of the most prestigious in the world.

WatchLock looks like a slightly oversized version of a standard lock, but its unique system sends out its location at any given time.

The system keeps a log of every time the lock is opened and should anything but its key be used, it alerts the owner by SMS or email immediately.

The locator system is not power-dependent, making it ideal for securing remote locations or moving objects, such as trucks or containers.

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Via Ynet News
Photo by MutlitLock

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