IBM High-Tech “Cloud” Technology Introduced In Agriculture

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What’s a cloud in High-Tech language? It’s an exterior system for your computer which includes software, data access, storage and services to which you have constant access without having any idea of the systems’ physical location. An example for it is the files internet backup system that many sites provide.

Now this technology has reached agriculture. As part of the 21st “AgroMashov” international agriculture exhibit that was held recently in Israel, the first “agricultural cloud” in the world was unveiled. The system is a result of cooperation between AKOL company of kibbutz Barur-Hail and IBM.

Information from all over the world to your computer

How can this system help a farmer? AKOL says its cloud can identify the professional profile of farmers according to personal date they provide and will transfer to them real-time data in their own language set by according to their geographical location and the type of crops.

According to the systems’ creators, farmers will be able to collect information from within the system about the weather in their region or how to identify pests attacking their crop. In addition, the system will provide information on recommended course of actions, their costs and approved regulations in the specific country.

For famers exporting their goods, the cloud will give the prices of products on the agricultural market, assisting famers in deciding if to pick theircrop or wait for a better price in the global market.

“This development will provide farmers around the world with specific solutions and agricultural information gathered from all over the world which will be transferred to them according to their personal professional definition,” explained Ron Shani, CEO of AKOL.

Knowing your way around the global village

Israeli Minister of Agriculture Orit Noked, who attended the launch ceremony of the “agriculture cloud” wished good luck to the project and said: “In an advanced and global agriculture world which includes free and fluent passage of merchandise and information from one country to another, there is a huge potential for a comprehensive data system suited personally to the users profile”.

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